In the early 1980’s, Ken and JoAnn commenced the conifer transplant nursery as another aspect of their ever-expanding business. The philosophy behind the nursery was to produce large caliber (i.e., husky) transplants with good root to top ratios. At first, Ken and JoAnn planned to grow just enough transplants to meet the needs of their wholesale and retail Christmas tree farms, while selling extras to the local tree farmers. Very early on; however, Ken and JoAnn noticed a growing demand for their transplants because most nurseries in Washington and Oregon only offered a 2-0 sized plant. Ken and JoAnn were growing a 2-1, which produced a larger tree in a shorter rotation period and boasted higher survival rates.

In order to accomplish growing this high-demand type of plant, one must have the kind of soil that promotes good root structure and large, sturdy stem diameters. Fortunately, a significant portion of Ken and JoAnn’s original farm is located in the beautiful Puyallup Valley where sandy loam soil is bountiful. As a result, Ken and JoAnn converted the land to conifer nursery ground. Simultaneously, they employed the art of paying attention to detail 365 days per year, as well as collaborating with lead researchers at WSU and OSU given a number of progressions must be accomplished at the proper time and in the proper manner. Today, our company takes great pride in practicing the foregoing methods and producing plants that are second to none for customers throughout the United States and Canada.

In the event you wish to learn more about our nursery and product, please feel free to contact Ken or Kristi at (253) 848-3492


Phone: (253) 848-3492
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Phone: (253) 848-3492