In the Early 1980s, JoAnn and I started the transplant nursery as part of our ever expanding Christmas tree growing business. Our intention was to keep our full time crew busy and produce the plants we wanted to use ourselves.

Our goal from the beginning was to produce large, husky transplants with good root to top ratios. We planned to grow enough for our needs and sell the extras. Very early on we noticed a growing demand for these plants, as most nurseries in Washington and Oregon only offered only 2-0 sized plants for sale. Growers were finding the 2-1 sizes usually gave them larger trees in a shorter rotation period. They also realized their survival was better under harsh growing conditions in most cases. To accomplish growing this type of plant, one must have the kind of soil that promotes good root structure and large, sturdy stem diameters. Fortunately, a good part of our farm property has the Puyallup Sandy Loam Soil which allows us to produce plants of this quality. So the process began to expand the nursery side of our operation as demand required. At this time, the nursery is larger than our tree operation.

If you should need any large husky growing stock for your Christmas Tree plantation, we offer many varieties for sale. We also contract grow specific sizes for tree farmers and for sale. Please contact us that number below for questions and ordering:

(253) 848-3492