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Noble fir Christmas trees have a beautiful, almost spruce like appearance with soft blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches that are perfect for heavy ornaments. The needles turn upward, exposing the lower branches. Known for its beauty and “traditional” Christmas scent, the noble fir is durable, and its stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments, as well as providing excellent greenery for wreaths and garland.

In the wild, the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200 feet in height.

The needles are roughly 4-sided (similar to spruce), over 1 inch long, bluish-green but appearing silver because of 2 white rows of stomata on the underside and 1-2 rows on the upper surface. The needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surfaces of branches are exposed.

Noble fir Christmas trees are grown only in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon where they are a high elevation tree in their native environments.

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